Mecanica 2018 – Brazil

Mecanica is the industry’s main business generator generator and reaches its 32nd edition with a proposal focused on practical and efficient solutions for those who search for new ways to stand out above the market.

With a benchmark in innovation, the MECÂNICA has evolved to meet new challenges in the industry with new sectors, new places, new date, new exclusive digital tools that allows you to be in touch with qualified clients and interested people, in a new business and network environment.


Intermach 2017 – Brasil

Intermach is a trade show that covers several different segments of the industry, always presenting numerous high technology launchings. It gathers qualified visitors of sectors your company may have not explored yet, but with an enormous purchase potential. Another advantage that this variety proportionates to its exhibitors, is a smaller competition when compared to what is found in more specialized trade shows, where it is common to be seen products of the same line exerting competition among themselves.


Feimafe 2017 – Brasil

FEIMAFE is the main trade show focusing on Machine Tools and Quality Control in Latin America is considered the most complete trade show for the segment, where exhibitors introduce products and solutions to serve the needs of attendees/buyers and decision-makers that are looking for new ideas, innovations and responses for their business.