CETC Q Switch


CETC Q-switch is a water-cooled acousto-optic Q-switch which is designed for the YAG or DP laser with the laser power from 30 to 75W. It can be widely applied in various of laser processing equipments, including laser marking machine, etching machine and engraving machine.



  • fast modulation speed
  • low insertion loss
  • high damage threshold
  • easy to use
  • stable and reliable



Technical Specifications:
Interaction material: Fused silicon
Wavelength:  1064nm
Anti-Reflection coating:  < 0.2% per surface
Damage threshold:  > 500MW/cm²
Transmission (single pass):  > 99.6%
Static insertion loss:  ≤ 6% at 50W laser power
VSWR:  < 1.2
Active Aperture:  3~5mm
Frequency:  27 ± 0.1MHz