Laser Power Meters


Use power meter to measure power of the laser.


Model 146 147 148 M-92A M-92B M-92C M-93
Range 200W 2000W 2uW- 20W 2W-200W 2mW-200mW 0.2W- 20W 2W-50W 2W- 200W 20mW 200mW
Resolution 0.1W 1nW 1064nm:1mW 633nm:1uW 0.1mW 1mW 1mW 0.01mW
Sensor diameter 20mm 18mm 18mm 25mm 10mm
Wavelength 400-1100nm 190nm-25um 400-1100nm
Calibration @ wavelength 1064nm 633nm 1064nm 633nm 10.6um 633nm
Max power density 15kW/cm2 350W/cm2
Max energy density 70J/ cm2
Display 3.5-digit LED
Un-stability 5%
Cooling water air water air
application High-power laser Low-power laser Medium laser CO2 laser Low-power laser